Kenisha Beal-Dickey

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Kenisha was born in SE., Washington, DC in the very late 70’s in what was considered an impoverished area for many. Very early on she was identified as the “Ace in the hole” for her family. Her family sensed that there was something special about her level of maturity. At a very young age she began to care about the welfare of her family and often promised her grandmother that she would bless her when she grows up. Her destiny has always been to make progress by using education as a launching pad to establish a lifestyle that her family has never experienced before. She is anointed to lead the family into a new era of transformation, becoming the change agent of her generation. At the enlightened age of 6 Kenisha noticed her environment’s lack of available resources and development, and so was born her passion to “build” infrastructure and aid in poverty alleviation. As a result, she pursued education with laser focus. She knew that she needed to raise the bar on her personal best to open the door of opportunity. Education as the key was ingrained into her by her late great-grandmother who was born in 1911, as she lived through and witnessed so many racial setbacks. So, in honor of her family’s legacy she went on to max out every grading scale to become one of Prince Georges County’s highest achieving valedictorians and listed as one of America’s Who’s who scholars and National Honor Society members. Kenisha went on to college to obtain an AA in General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Morgan State University. 


Kenisha is the owner of JK Global Network where she also serves as a coach and mentor that equips a well-established team of online independent business owners with combined leadership and business practices. Kenisha uses her people skills to form strategic alliances and partnerships between many diverse professionals, helping many of them launch a profitable retail business and create a cashflow asset without jeopardizing their other endeavors. Her emphasis on teamwork facilitates the streamlining of major corporations’ advertising dollars, which leads to increased profits for them and the business team. Over the years, Kenisha has learned the marketing skill of mixing Hi-Touch with Hi-Tech to achieve predictable results in the marketplace. This skill has led to her becoming an advisory member of two prominent marketing councils. She has served on the board as an advisory member for the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at The George Washington University School of Business and most recently, the University of South Florida.


Kenisha has leveraged over 20+ years in the construction management field serving in various positions such as Project Engineer, Sr Estimator and Sr Project Cost Analyst. She has served as a trailblazer in the engineering industry for women overcoming gender biases, age biases and race biases. Within the construction industry she has contributed to changing polices, management model documents and innovation processes to improve business, employees work-life balance and overall productivity.  Kenisha has held a certification as a Certified Construction Estimating Professional (CEP) for over a decade. Kenisha is a proud member of the Network of Exelon Women (NEW), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI). She has used her skills on countless notable projects such as her own alma mater, Morgan State University, Hyatt Place Hotels, Dulles Airport, National African American History & Culture Museum, Silver Metro line, Census Bureau of Suitland, MD, University of Maryland Baltimore County, United Patent and Trademark Office, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Architect of the Capital (visiting center) and many other confidential and non-confidential government and commercial projects. She has also won the Exelon Utility 2021 WOW! Customer Experience Award for Flexibility and World Class customer service.


Kenisha is also a proud team member of Britt Worldwide Leadership group where she has multiple mentors. Within Britt Worldwide Kenisha is an accomplished speaker and trainer that teaches self-development and business strategy to independent business owners that are empowered by the Amway business model. Kenisha is also a proud retailer and advocate in the Beauty, Personal care, and Health & Wellness industry. She believes that your health is wealth and that we must take care of our internal and external health.

Kenisha encourages men and women to use all natural and organic Nutrilite brand products for supplementation, Artistry skincare to preserve your youthfulness and biodegradable cleaners like SA8, Pursue and Liquid Organic Cleaner (LOC) to keep your house and offices clean while preserving the environment.

Kenisha has a serving heart and attitude. She has volunteered with the Pursuing A Dream Foundation teaching minority children the importance of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). She has also volunteered with Girl Power teaching young girls how to have confidence in male-driven fields and a healthy self-esteem.

Kenisha is a very devoted wife, daughter, friend, and mother of two awesome children. She believes in the hierarchy of God, family, and business. She is a multifaceted person who loves to be creative with her talents of writing, singing, dancing, and acting. She loves voice over work and in general making people smile. She is a total joy junkie, influencer, and generational curse breaker.