Kenisha Beal-Dickey

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Have you planned your


Don't know where to start? Let me help you get started! I am a leader, coach, mentor, published writer, singer and business owner who will show you how to reach your next level in business and self-care! let's make progress together!

ask me How!

Life is about Trusting the Process! You learn, Love, Give and Exude BOSS ENERGY!

Trust the Process...Behind the scenes!

First, start where you are!


  • What’s your reason why?


  • Have you set BIG AUDACIOUS goals?


  • Do you need to earn more money?


  • Want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start?


  • Do you like working remotely from anywhere in the world?


  • Want to learn how to leverage the power of networks?


  • Want to build your professional network to 20k+ connections?


  • Do you need personal freedom?


  • Want to create options in yours and your family’s lives?

Well….what are you waiting for? Contact me and lets have a brief chat!



The Ultimate Self-Care routine Starts with you!